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Quarter Panel Guitar Co Designs are custom to each client, no two guitars are alike.

Designer Robbie Brown does not duplicate custom esthetics so you can take great pride in knowing your guitar is made with the upmost integrity, care and quality.


Panel Guitars come in three different styles The Hypersonic, The TV Stand and The Rebel (Bass) COMING SOON.


  • Hypersonic - "ST" style, with three pickups, one volume control, two tone controls
  • TV Set - "TL" style, with two pickups, one volume control, one tone control
  • Rebel (Bass) COMING SOON - "J" style, with two pickups, two volume controls, one tone control


Once you determine the style you want, your choice of series determines the price, and in turn reflects the desired look. 


  • Standard Series $1500

  • Professional Series starting at $2500+

  • Art Series starting at $3500+

Standard Series - fully shielded with copper and lined with fabric, hand made wiring harness, and top quality hardware and pickups. 


Professional Series - fully shielded with copper and lined with fabric, hand made wiring harness in configuration of your choosing, hand painted headstock art, and hand picked hardware and pickups to achieve the sound you desire. 


Art Series - a fully playable, professional series instrument that is also an original art piece itself




  • Quarter Panel Guitar Co provides warranty for Standard and Professional Series, it includes two years parts and labor with additional years  at $100 per year.

    Quarter Panel Guitar Co provides unlimited lifetime waranty, on Art Series includes intonation adjustments, parts and labor.

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