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How it works:

Consultation fee - $100

Non-refundable, and applied to invoice if work is accepted.


Once accepted, all Hotrod Shop setups/fretwork, pickup/wiring upgrades, and projects are paid in full at initiation of work. A $50 setup/intonation fee is applied to each guitar having an install/upgrade/project, no exceptions. Hotrod installs/upgrades/projects always take time - patience is key!


Quarter Panel Guitar Co. only perform suped-up Hotrod-type projects and aesthetic transformations - if your guitar is valuable on it's own you may want to think twice. We do not perform restoration to stock condition or vintage restoration, but we can refer you to a restorer we trust!

Setup & Intonation

  • Basic setup/truss adjustment/intonation - $100

  • Fret level/dress - $100


Pickup Swap/Upgrade/Install

  • First pickup (each guitar)- $200

  • Each additional pickup - $50

  • Pickups charged separately, or bring your own 


Wiring Harness Upgrade & Install

  • Standard for single coil 2 pickup, volume/tone - $300

  • Standard for single coil 3 pickup, volume/tone/tone - $400

  • Standard for humbucker 2 pickup, volume/volume/tone/tone - $450

  • Standard for humbucker 2 pickup, volume/volume/tone/tone with split coil - $500

  • Hotrod for HSH 3 pickup, volume/tone/tone split coil - $500

  • Hotrod for HH 2 pickup, volume/tone split coil - $400

  • Many other options available


Full Hotrod Treatment - project packages starting at $1500

  • Trick out your pawn shop or yard sale find, or that old overseas copy sitting in the closet or your attic and make it a professionally playable showpiece! 

  • New hand wound boutique or premium name-brand pickups

  • Full Hotrod wiring redesign

  • Complete aesthetics redesign

  • Guitars with heavy damage may need to be sent for off-site restoration

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